Triple Training Effectiveness
Retention rates of traditional lecture-based training (i.e. powerpoints) are historically low.  Most research shows retention rates using this traditional classroom teaching method are less than 15%.  Yet, putting students in an immersive environment increase retention rates of the training material to 80-90% levels.
Practice Critical Skills Safely  
Knowing how to do something is one thing, but applying the new knowledge is the ultimate goal of training.  Immersive training through Practic VR, gives trainees the opportunity to practice and hone their new skills in a safe and risk-free environment.  
Certify & Measure
As the famous saying goes, "If you don't measure it then you can't improve it."  All too often companies invest large sums of money into training initiatives and have no way to know if the training was effective.  All of our training programs quantify the effectiveness of our training.  Not only does this ensure your training dollars were used wisely, but it also helps organizations identify human resource needs.  

Soft Skills that enable someone to interact effectively with other people are critical in the workplace.  Traditional training methods, like PowerPoint lectures, don't work.  Our interactive VR training simulations prepare your employees in all soft skill areas including customer service and HR matters (interviewing, performance reviews, etc).

The labor shortage is severe and Practic VR wants to help.    We help companies attract new talent in the recruitment process by creating a VR simulation for new job applicants.  We can customize one of our existing modules or work with you to create something unique for your organization.  



VR Headset


Proven Results 
Research has shown over and over again that putting learners in an immersive environment is significantly more effective than lecturing to them.  Our own customer results say the same thing.  After using our Immersive Learning platform, students not only prefer the VR experience, they also are MUCH more confident to do what they were trained to do.  
This results in a better ROI of your training funds and also ensures your employees can deliver on what is most important to the organization.    As a byproduct, this also improves employee satisfaction and the likelihood, your employees will stay longer.


Success Stories

"Virtual Reality tools to allow our employees to have a real work training scenarios in a safe environment would appear to be a highly effective training tool."

Director of HR - Large Oregon Resort


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